Subject Re: [firebird-support] Starting isql for embedded server
Author Ann W. Harrison
Aaron Abend wrote:
> How do I connect to an embedded firebird database using isql?
> This works fine when superserver is running...
> isql "myfile.fdb" -user sysdba -p masterkey

OK. The difference between embedded Firebird and other types is that the
embedded engine restricts database access to a single application. That
means that if your program is running against the database using the
embedded engine, you can't access the same database from ISQL, or gbak,
or anything else.

You can set up ISQL (and other utilities) to access a database through
the embedded engine, but while they're running, you won't be able to
access that database from your application.

If that's what you want, make a copy of fbembed.dll, rename it
fbclient.dll, and put it in a library lookup location where it will be
found before the real fbclient.dll.