Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird and power interruptions
Author Hannes Streicher
Hello Johan van Zyl,

> Hi
> I must convert a client's data to a SQL backend, most probably Firebird.
> As they have very frequent power interruptions I am interested to know which
> OS will be the most reliable in this case, i.e. Windows or Linux?

from what i read on the list the gurus tend to advise linux,
it is supposed to write to disk faster, whereas windows

from my point of view the best os is the one which you ( or the
clients computer admin) know ,
if you have no idea about linux , stay away from it
you will not get a decent setup in a reasonable time,
and vice versa

i just had a case of a windows 2000 server with a hardware problem
just stoping to work and rebooting. the firebird database
was undamaged , no loss of or damage to the data (there were at least
15 reboots until the spare part arrived)

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