Subject RE: [firebird-support] Getting started
Author Clay Shannon
<<i'm a delphi developer for many years now>>

Smart man!

<<but this is my first SQL and FB experience.>>

Say what?

<<Is there any kind of a small tutorial, a don delphi projects,
possibly with ZEOS lib or something similar, free..

Or some small pointers like, how to create DB and tables from
your application, simple query,
simple update...>>

There should be examples with whatever component set you use; not sure about
ZEOS lib, but I would assume so. I know FIB+, which I use, has several.

You can "tamaracka" for "Delphi ZEOS Firebird", too, and doubtless find ng
postings and/or google for the same.

Clay Shannon,
Dimension 4 Software