Subject Re: System Tables
Author andycolson
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> I'm new to this group, and I was wondering if someone could help
> I was wondering if any one knows where I can find a list of SQL
> statements that would generate the DDL for the databases. I know
> there are utilities like EMS IB Manager, IBConsole, even the new SQL
> Hammer (see that will do this. However, I
> was hoping to find sql statements/procedures/functions that will
> me learn more about system tables.
> Thanks loads

If you can find the PDF help files (The ones from IB6 are ok) they
have some descritpions of the system tables.

However, the best place I'v found is in the UIB (Unified Interbase)
sources (

They have a metadata unit that has some great sql statements to pull
out everything you'll ever need.