Subject Re: firebird performance - help
Author cosamektoo
--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...>
> > Hi
> > I'm using firebird 1.5 on solaris on intel.
> > My application use among other things,sampling tables in which
data is
> > inserted and deleted from all the time.
> > When my database file becomes large(say 320M) all the
transactions are
> > slower.
> > If I backup and restore the database, the file becomes much
> > 5M) and the transactions are fast again.
> > I can not backup and restore the database on a regullar basis
since my
> > server needs to be online all the time.
> > Any suggestions ?
> >
> do you perform a regular sweep during low activity periods?
> Alan

Thanks for your response.
We used the auto sweep defined when you are creating the db through
ibconsole(2000 operations).
I am now trying to cancel the auto sweep and perform it "on demand"
i.e - I sample the server load once in a while(say 12 hours) and if
the load is low I perform the sweep .
Do you think that will help ?
Or do you know another solution ?