Subject Re: = , LIKE, CONTAINING
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi eLita!

= can use an index.

LIKE can use an index if the first few characters following LIKE are
constants. Note that using LIKE <parameter> cannot use an index, even
if the parameter starts with constants.

CONTAINING can never use an index.

Normally, using an index is advantageous and you should always try to
use = where possible. However, in certain situations it may be quicker
to not use an index (e.g. avoid using an index for country if you're
already using an index for the particular post code), but that's
amongst the tricks you only need to learn when you get into trouble.


> Will there be any differents in the plan if we are using either '='
> or 'LIKE' or 'CONTAINING'?
> If there is, which one is the fastest?
> Or maybe it varies according to the condition?