Subject Re: [firebird-support] Client library problem
Author Aage Johansen
willy_metra wrote:
> I have a machine with IB 7.5 server and client installed,
> there's a IB client library in system path located.
> Now i'm trying to run IBO application with FB client library in
> app path, which connects to REMOTE firebird server.
> And here comes the mystery: app won't run, even if i put FB client
> in system path.
> Have you any suggestions, please?

This was answered on the IBO list: gds32.dll is default with IBO, you'll
have to make a change to the IBO code to make it load fbclient.dll.

> P.S. To connect FB database, i'm specifying in TIB_Connection:
> DatabaseName (hostname:drive:\dir\dbname.fdb)
> UserName
> Password
> Dialect
> Is it allright, please?

It's ok. But, ideally (I think!), you should instead set the attributes
protocol (pcTCP_IP)
server (hostname)
path (drive:\dir\dbname.fdb)
If you're using the alias feature of Fb, the path should be set to the
alias. (This is also an IBO topic!)

Aage J.