Subject Re: [firebird-support] CSV Files into FB
Author Ann W. Harrison
Andrew Norman wrote:
> Does anyone know if it is possible to load an external CSV file into FB
> without using another application e.g. EMS IB Manager? Or is there a
> UDF that can do this?

External tables are one answer, but require that your data be stored in
fixed length fields rather than comma separated. There are a number of
tools, open source, freeware, etc. that can load CSV files - look at the
contributed downloads section of the ibphoenix website.
> Also, can anyone tell me what the row limit/file size is for a FB table?

Firebird tables are limited by a factor related to the record data size.
A table will hold approximately 2,700,000,000 10 byte records, or
1,000,000,000 50 byte records or 620,000,000 100 byte records. Firebird
2 removes this restriction.

The file size is limited by the operating system and a database can
consist of several files.

A single record can not exceed 64Kb, excluding blob data.