Subject Re: an ounce of caution on installation (NT) and security patches
Author rayholme
The actual problem was encountered by a friend who asked for my help
around this - he swears (in Latin or ...) that he tried this (I
asked). Turns out he did not try hard enough - you ar 100% right.


--- In, Paul Reeves <paul@f...> wrote:
> On Friday 01 April 2005 17:33, rayholme wrote:
> > Just for the record - when you install firebird 1.5.2 on a windoze box
> > (yuck) - there is a little problem - it installs fine, but does not
> > leave any obvious place where the computed password for sysdba is. It
> > is no longer masterke[y] and there is no obvious place to find the key
> The Win32 install does nothing to change the password for sysdba. If
> security database is non-existent it will provide a default empty one
> with just SYSDBA/masterkey. Otherwise it will leave the existing
> database in place and provide a backup of the empty default.
> Would I be far off in speculating that upgraded in place and you
forgot to
> try your own SYSDBA password?
> Paul
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