Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird Event Names
Author Alan McDonald
> > >In a before update, insert, delete trigger
> > >it is possible to do
> > >POST EVENT new.field_name
> > >to post an event with the data contained in the field.
> >
> > No; events don't carry any data. They are merely named signals.
> Not entirely true. There are systems that register for dynamic
> events. For example, imagine a server side process (stored
> procedure) that takes a few minutes to finish.
> An application can fire off a thread that starts the procedure
> with an application defined parameter (eg: event_id) and
> register an event "FINISH_MY_PROC_9988332" where
> "9988332" is the event ID.
> When the procedure is finished, it could raise event (as written
> in the documentation) like this:
> myval = 'FINISH_MY_PROC_' || EventID;
> POST_EVENT myval;
> and the application could respond to the user with "bla bla
> has finished" and un-register interest in the one-time-only
> event.
> With regards,
> Martijn Tonies

I do this this with threads but I don't need events... the thread finishes
and posts a message to my main app thread...., my app knows anyway that the
proc has finished. Have I missed something?