Subject Re: Problem with spanish chars.
Author Adam
--- In, "William Gonzáles S."
<wgonzaless@y...> wrote:
> Hello, when I execute this SQL query from my app:
> Select * from DOCUMENTS
> where (FILE_NAME='CódigoPlano')
> it does not get records, but if I run the same query
> in IBExpert (Full Edition), it gets several records. I
> think the problem is the spanish char.
> I am using ODBC drivers and FILE_NAME field has
> VARCHAR type and UNICODE_FSS charset.
> Please, some advice to solve this.
> Thanks in advance,
> William GS

Firebird 1.5 has some problems with some charsets, Firebird 2 fixes
many of these problems. Two things you can check.

1. Are you sure this is not a transaction thing? You will not be able
to see records committed after your transaction has started unless you
are using read-committed, and even read committed wont show you
uncomittted inserts. If you have inserted the values in IBExpert, then
this would explain why IBExpert can see it but your application cant.
If you close your application and relaunch, then I would suspect a
charset issue.

2. If 1 fails, does installing FB2 fix this?