Subject Re: Restore problem -- works by hand though
Author Adam
--- In, Steve Wiser <steve@s...> wrote:
> Yeah, we have the same script do backup/restore cycles on 20+ other
> databases and they all work fine. I am afraid that this db might be
> corrupted... I was only going to datapump the data into an empty
> database as a last resort.
> Any else have any last ideas before I start this process? The isn't
> that large (around 3 GB -- no blobs), but still a weekend job...

Should be not too bad.

gbak -m to get the DDL, if you have another database with the correct
structure that is not corrupt, then this is even better to use.

Restore the metadata only backup as your clean datapump destination.

Use some data pumping tool to copy the data. I have had success with
IBDataPump (clevercomponents), I am sure there are others too. Do a
test run on another machine to minimise downtime.