Subject Re: [firebird-support] [OT] FYI: linux file systems and firebird
Author Milan Babuskov
Paulius Pazera wrote:
> I thought I share my experience. Brief conclusion - avoid ext2/ext3 file
> systems for big databases, for example XFS is significantly better

It is known that XFS performs much better with big files. It is great
for backup and esp. restore. However, I'm not sure backup and restore
are the right way to "benchmark" a filesystem for database storage. Try
performing a heavy query that would read database at many places (not
sequentially as restore does) and see what happens. I'm not sure the
difference would be that big.

I would also like to see parallel test for ReiserFS which is the default
on many distributions (and maybe JFS). Any chance you do one of those?

Milan Babuskov