Subject Re: Log record header too small at offset
Author Adam
--- In, "kapsee"
<kapil.surlaker@g...> wrote:
> While trying to execute a sql statement like "drop table foo" where
> table foo does not exist, the isc_execute call fails as expected but
> isc_interprete call produces an error message that looks like
> "Log record header too small at offset".
> Any idea what this is ? I looked around in the doc and this group
> couldn't find anything relevant.
> Thanks!

That seems unusual. Is it the same for all databases? Do you get the
wrong message in iSQL as well? If so it could be a mismatched message

I would expect something similar to this.


SQL> drop table doesntexist;
Statement failed, SQLCODE = -607

Dynamic SQL Error
-SQL error code = -607
-table/view DOESNTEXIST does not exist