Subject RE: [firebird-support]Classic cant find UDFs
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:58 PM 21/12/2005 +0000, Paul Hope wrote:
>Hi Lester
>Even with default config if fails. The inbuilt functions like ABS and
>STRLEN do work in both cases. Strangely DOW in fbudf.dll works fine and
>that file is in the same place as my UDFs. My UDF library is FreeUDFLib
>with lots of my own thrown in. It works fine on my server with WIN2K server
>and FB1.5 SS.
>I can create the declarations for other functions in the file but cannot
>call them.

If your config specifies Restrict then you must not have anything declared
in the MODULE_NAME part except the stem-name of the library, e.g.
'FreeUDFLib' (no extension, no file-path stuff).

Also, don't overlook the fact that, with SS, any config settings won't take
until the next time the database is shut down and reconnected to.

BTW, ABS and STRLEN are not "inbuilt functions". They are UDFs in
ib_udf. Check what's different between their declarations and those of the
UDFs that the engine isn't finding.

More suggestions: put space characters around the "=" sign in the config
entry and remember to uncomment it; and check the registry setting and/or
the FIREBIRD environment variable to make sure they are pointing to the
correct location of the Firebird root directory. (You might need to run
instreg.exe from the bin directory, in the command window. You won't break
anything if you do it regardless.)


(really going this time!)