Subject Re: [firebird-support]Classic cant find UDFs
Author Daniel Rail

At December 21, 2005, 3:09 PM, Ivan Prenosil wrote:

>> Even with default config if fails. The inbuilt functions like ABS and
>> STRLEN do work in both cases. Strangely DOW in fbudf.dll works fine and
>> that file is in the same place as my UDFs. My UDF library is FreeUDFLib
>> with lots of my own thrown in. It works fine on my server with WIN2K server
>> and FB1.5 SS.
>> I can create the declarations for other functions in the file but cannot
>> call them.

> Perhaps missing IB_UTIL.DLL ?

Or maybe GDS32.DLL(or FBCLIENT.DLL). We had that problem very recently
with one of our customers, and I was able to reproduce it myself(with
SS or CS). Basically, what happens is if the UDF references GDS32.DLL,
then GDS32.DLL needs to be somewhere in the path, the same can be said
of FBCLIENT.DLL. And, the same folder as the UDF doesn't always work.

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