Subject Re: Execute Statement Problem
Author Adam
--- In, Wei Yu <william_yuwei@y...>
> Hi, Adam
> Yes. I'm using FB 1.5 higher, I'm thinking it could be a bug in
FB1.5, since I'm using the following generated SQL without problem,
but as long as I assign it to a string, and calling for execute
statement thisstring into then got the error.

I doubt this because I do not have the problem.

Your DDL you posted was incorrect (the domain would have to be
declared before the table and the procedure you execute in your test
is not defined).

I made some assumptions to try and get your problem on 1.5.2, and it
works fine for me.

Perhaps you can generate a SQL script (you must test it before
posting) that creates a database with this structure, then executes
the stored procedure. If you can get it to give you the error, then
post it back to the list and I will be able to duplicate it here.