Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problem with classic server instalation on Windows
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:49 PM 19/12/2005 -0500, Jason Dodson wrote:
>fb_inet_mgr is for superserver I believe. You may have the wrong package.

You're probably thinking of fbmgr?

>Edgar Britez wrote:
> > I use Windows 2000 server and Windows 2003 server with Firebird 1,5,2.
> >
> > I am using Firebird Superserver, but by performance problems I am going
> > to install Firebird Clasic Server.
> >
> > When installing Firebird Clasic Server it installs the service of
> > "fb_inet_server".

That's correct.

> >
> > The book of Helen Borrie makes reference to a file "fb_lock_mgr.exe"
> > which not it encounter in my installation.
> >
> > As it can be the problem?

Only for the author! There are a few typos and anachronisms in that table,

Are you having problems installing Classic? if so, could you say what they
are, and which version are you installing? Do you know there is a final
release candidate of v.1.5.3 available?

If the installer installed fbguard.exe (the Guardian) you should go to the
Services applet and disable it. The Guardian has no purpose in Classic and
has been known to cause problems with ghost connections.