Subject RE: [firebird-support] Slow 1st query
Author Si Carter
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> i have a software that uses Firebird embedded v. 1.5 on winxp
> sp2. My problem is when i launch the application, the first
> query is very slow (about 1.5 minutes). The database is a
> .fdb. The next query is very fast. I use index on the table
> (i have only one table with 8 fields).
> How do i solve the problem?
> i have disable antivirus (ZoneAlarm). Database size is abou
> 50mb. The problem happens on when i first launch the
> application. next queries are super fast.i use FBLib. my query:
> select my_field from my_table group by my_field order by my_field

My guess would be caching, both from Firebird (depending on query) and
FBLib. Try issuing the same query through ISQL and see what the differences
are, if its slight then chances are its FB caching, if it's a lot faster
then FBLib is caching.


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