Subject Re: [firebird-support] FlameRobin ebuild for Gentoo
Author Lukas Linhart
E-mail William L. Thomson Jr. ze dne Friday 16 December 2005 21:22:
> I am curious if anyone has or is making an ebuild for FlameRobin on
> Gentoo? I have been updating the Firebird JDBC ebuilds on Gentoo. If no
> one is working on an ebuild for FlameRobin, I will look into making
> one.

Please do. I've been trying, but I'm not very familiar with portage yet.

> Also if there are any Firebird related ebuild or packages outdated or
> wanted on Gentoo let me know and I will look into getting them into
> portage.

Some time ago I've been trying to google one, but no luck.

> Thanks


Lukas "Almad" Linhart

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