Subject RE: [firebird-support] FlameRobin ebuild for Gentoo
Author Brenden Walker
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> William L. Thomson Jr.
> Subject: [firebird-support] FlameRobin ebuild for Gentoo
> I am curious if anyone has or is making an ebuild for
> FlameRobin on Gentoo? I have been updating the Firebird JDBC
> ebuilds on Gentoo. If no one is working on an ebuild for
> FlameRobin, I will look into making one.
> Also if there are any Firebird related ebuild or packages
> outdated or wanted on Gentoo let me know and I will look into
> getting them into portage.

Now that you mention it, any idea when 1.5.2 will be outta ~x86?

I'll probably just add that to package.keywords, but just curious ;-)