Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Detecting dependancies
Author Robert martin
Congratulations this is the first :)

There is no will nilly involved. We provide a creation / editing screen
where users can specify extra fields they want to store data about in
there system. This is done in plain English, eg Picture / Image field
is a Blob. Clients can define as many of these as they require. in the
software itself these items are shown in a scrollable (if required) area
where they can enter, edit and view data. It is really sweet, we even
have web site and email 'data types' (really character fields) that
display as click able links. Internally field names are things like
client0001 etc.

I know there is a limit to the number of changes to a table but these
are very few, usually it is just set up and left alone. Even if it is
edited a bit our software does a backup / restore periodically anyway so
it should never be an issue in regular use.

This has been in use for about a two years now without any problems
until now. The Issue was that we had built a Stored procedure for a
custom (one client) crystal report that used some of this data. I have
changed the software to check for dependencies and all is now good.


>I have never seen a situation where willy nilly DDL changes are
>possible by the customer except by poor design decision. That does not
>mean that there is no such case, but possibly if you tell us what you
>are trying to do, we may be able to come up with a method where
>constant DDL changes are not required.
>Also FB limits the number of times you can alter an object before it
>gives some errors and you need to backup / restore.