Subject Re: [firebird-support] Detecting dependancies
Author Robert martin

In response to my own question...

The following SQL will list all the dependencies in the ClientCustom table

SELECT DISTINCT dep.RDB$Field_Name AS FieldName
FROM RDB$Dependencies dep

Is this safe to use? In my results I get the field I knew was in use by
a stored procedure which is good. However I also get a dependency with
no field name, what does this mean?

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Robert martin wrote:

>We have an issue where clients can add their own custom fields to our
>database (any data type). They can also edit these field types, say
>changing from 10 to 15 chars.
>We have a problem where the alteration process causes an error due to a
>stored procedure (and probably a view) that is based on the particular
>field exists. Is there a way to
>a) Detect a dependency and not alter the field.
>b) Easily disable a stored procedure and later re-enable.