Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Our firebird database performance has come to a halt
Author Bogusław Brandys
Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:
> dreezl wrote:
>>Early this morning after we tried archiving a lot of the data, we got
>>the database file down to just over 1gb. It was still slow, so we
>>moved it to the server the applications are on. The performance seems
>>back in line with what we were used to; however, I can not keep it on
>>this server because the load gets to high and overall performance will
>>dip. So, that leads me to believe that it has something to do with
>>slow access times to the hard drives. I did some diagnostics on the
>>hard drives and nothing came up unusual. Maybe something else is the
>>bottleneck? Any ideas or input would be greatly appreciated.
> Once it's now on the same machine, another thing that comes to my mind
> is network problems.
> see you !

I may be completly wrong but you can try to set
Sweep interval: 2000

back to zero and check after restarting all computer (if you can) or
Firbird server - without any connection.
If it helps you have probably background thread (garbagge cleaning)
running on server.
Maybe also good choice to check available hard disc space.

For another (better) advices - ask another person ;-)

Boguslaw Brandys