Subject Re: Our firebird database performance has come to a halt
Author dreezl
> What about the network connection between the two servers? What is
> the connection speed between them? How many concurrent connections(on
> average) are being made to Firebird?

The servers are connected through a SonicWall firewall / VPN running
at 100mb. We tried chaning the ports the cables were plugged in, but
that didn't help. When we moved the firebird backup file from the one
server to the other it moved over very quickly, so I don't think that
is the problem. I will do more looking into it though, just in case.

During the slow times the concurrent connections were usually around
170 - 180, now it is 19. By the way, is there an easy way to find that
information. The ways I checked seemed very cumbersome.

Thanks for the input.