Subject Re: I/O Error fb_sort
Author jack_engleman
--- In, "christopher608280"
<cdhope@b...> wrote:
> I/O error for file "C:\windows\temp\fb_sort_z62kv4"
> Error while trying to open file.
> The data is invalid.
> Please can anyone help, have searched the net but cant find solution,
> When retrieving records from a table, i get the following error that
> stops my project in its tracks. It has happened before and only way to
> solve was to zap firebird and reinstall odbc driver for pc++ project.
> the file does not even exist so cant be permissions etc.

I am having the same problem. I searched the messages and they
indicated that the firebird.conf has to have an entry. I am going to
test this and I hope it takes care of the problem. I will let you know.