Subject Re: Backup in 2.0 => Restore in previous versions?
Author Adam
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> Hi Dmitry
> You wrote:
> >> I try to backup 2.0 and restore in 1.5.2 and nothing.
> DY> You need to use v1.5.2 GBAK to backup the database running on a
v2.0 server.
> DY> Backups made with v2.0 GBAK (or v2.0 Services API) cannot be
restored on
> DY> previous server versions.
> Which files I must use? Only gbak.exe, or fbclient.dll, etc.
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> Best regards,
> Kirill Krasnov

Make a file copy of the 2.0 database (while the 2.0 service is
stopped) and put it on a 1.5.2 server. Then use gbak on the 1.5.2
server to backup the database, then use gbak on the 1.5.2 server to
restore it to the 1.5.2 server. Then you can connect to that restored
database from the 1.5.2 server.

You can only do this if you haven't used any of the new FB2 specific
features in the database (obviously).