Subject Re: Unable to connect to a Windows XP Server
Author mikcaau
--- In, "Gary Benade" <gary@s...> wrote:
> >I had been using FB 1.5 with Windows 98 and 2000 without a single
> > problem, but the customer changed their machines and the new ones have
> > Windows XP.
> > The clients connect perfectly to the old servers, but when a use
> > Windows XP as a server, no one can connect.
> >
> > Does any one know something about it?
> >
> > Thanks a lot
> The default windows firewall is probably turned on.
> You can turn it off under the Advanced tab of the Local Area
Connection in
> Control Panel -> Network Connections
> Gary
Or open the necessary ports in the firewall.
At this stage it is a good idea to set AuxPort in firebird.conf and
open that port as well.
I generally set it to a high unprivileged 32000-33000