Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird server occupying memory -Problem
Author Ann W. Harrison
meghna169 wrote:
> While using firebird super server we faced major memory problem . Our
> frontend side is VB.Net. When we execute stored procedure or any
> command to firebird database through on client side firebird
> super server memory is increased rapidly.

That's odd. Generally speaking, Firebird's memory problems tend to
be not using enough memory rather than using too much. Firebird uses
memory in three ways:

1) Page cache which you can set and should be about 8000 pages for
SuperServer on a "normally configured" machine. With an 8K page
size, that's about 75 Mb.

2) Internal data structures representing tables, transactions,
connections, etc.

3) Sort buffers, allocated for order by, distinct, group by, and
sort merge joins.

> And it does not release the
> memory after the completion of operation or executing command or stored
> procedure.

The first two types of memory are never released, but as I said, they
aren't very big. Sort buffers can be large and are released.

> We are using only one connection. After completion of any
> operation related to firebird, we dispose the object ,but still there
> is no effect to the Memory occupied by firebird(which should be
> reduced).And thus it causes our application to slow down.

OK, we need more information - like operating system and version, system
specifications (processors, memory), Firebird version, and where the
memory is lost - on the client or on the server. And possibly some
statistics on how much memory is used before and after the query.