Subject RE: [firebird-support] Using Firebird with MS Access
Author Alan McDonald
> Hello folks. I have a Microsoft Access application that is split into
> two .mdb files for the interfaces and data. This app is distributed on
> a CD to be used on computers that have no internet access. When
> someone needs an updated dataset the backend .mdb is refreshed from a
> load of Oracle tables and sent on CD so that the user only needs to
> replace a single file. The front end links to the tables in the back end.
> The problem is that the amount of data required is steadily growing
> and has now surpassed the 2GB file size limit for Access. I need to
> leave the front end in Access as this is a big nasty dog of an app
> written by someone else and I don't have time to tackle a rewrite
> right now (as much as I'd love to). What I'd like to find, ideally, is
> an open-source database that can be distributed as a file or set of
> files that Access can link to. As I have no control over machine
> configurations I'd prefer to stay away from creating DSNs, installing
> software or registering DLLs if possible. I've been playing with
> Firebird and it looks like it would work admirably if I could work out
> how to get Access to link to its tables but haven't had much luck so
> far. I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

I think your best bet is a DSNless ODBC connection.