Subject Re: [firebird-support] Data Execution Protection (DEP) and Firebird in Windows Server 2003 SP1
Author Daniel Rail

At December 12, 2005, 2:41 PM, mbracey wrote:

> I upgraded a Windows Server 2003 to SP1 in order to duplicate the
> problem but now that it's been upgraded, Firebird no longer works.
> Firebird (via IBConsole) tells me that the Database is Invalid when I
> try to connect.

I don't have any problems with DEP(WinXP SP2 or Win2003 SP1) and FB
1.5.2. If you are using UDFs that write to memory and doesn't do it
the correct way that it would be accepted with DEP, then yes Firebird
will have problems. But, I did notice that with Win2003 SP1, I had to
make sure I was connecting via TCP/IP and not the local protocol(IPC).

What is the actual error message?
Is it an ISC error code or another error code?

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