Subject Re: [firebird-support] Weird php and firebird problem, repeating values
Author Fabio Gomes
On 12/12/05, Lester Caine <lester@...> wrote:
> We still don't know which version of PHP you are working with?
> The PHP5 Interbase driver had a lot of work which was never back ported
> to PHP4 :(

Php Version 5.0.4

With some of the fields? - C.CLI_COD and C.CLI_NOME are still OK but no
> others?
> So the problem is one of
> > C.CLI_IE_RG,
> > C.CLI_DDD,
> > C.CLI_OBS,
> Is it JUST one of those fields?
> In which case what type of field is it and what should be in it?

The problem is after the C.CLI_CNPJ_CPF, ALL The fields after it get messed

> Maybe i just just send the server flying out of the window -_-
> Just wasted 2 hours trying to work out why a program would not run in
> the Borland Debugger - turns out that there was a dll missing from XP
> that is present in W2k. I just had not twigged that I'd not worked on
> that program since I had to move laptops and the new one refused to
> install W2k - because the BIOS was too *OLD*.
> Got some other contacts pulling hair out over MySQL 4.0 and 4.1 - how do
> you backport a database since the software NOW fails on the later
> versions of MySQL.
> So the sledge hammer next to the equipment rack is standard practice ;)
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I m kinda pissed, it was a simple script that i was supposed to make in 2
hours, and now i m here.. wasting my whole day to export 2 tables into a txt
file... and the thing that i hate most is that i ll have to listen to my
boss complaining that i m behind my schedule.. damit it, damn him! :(

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