Subject RE: [firebird-support] Problem with Firebird server occupying memory
Author Si Carter
> -----Original Message-----
> While using firebird super server we faced major memory
> problem . Our frontend side is VB.Net. When we execute stored
> procedure or any command to firebird database through
> on client side firebird super server memory is increased
> rapidly. And it does not release the memory after the
> completion of operation or executing command or stored
> procedure.We are using only one connection. After completion
> of any operation related to firebird, we dispose the object
> ,but still there is no effect to the Memory occupied by
> firebird(which should be reduced).And thus it causes our
> application to slow down.
> If anybody has faced a similar problem and found a solution
> .Plz let us know.

Not sure if its specifically related, but if you don't explicitly close the
transaction/db connection then this happens. Ive not tested in only


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