Subject Re: [firebird-support] Weird php and firebird problem, repeating values
Author Lester Caine
Fabio Gomes wrote:

> I think that a screenshot could help:
All that shows me is that you are not clearing the fields when you load
the next record!

> The CID_ESTADO is a CHAR(2) field, and the other filelds are:
> INTEGER and VARCHAR, but both are giving me problems :(
> If you want i can upload the structure or even the database somewhere, but
> this isnt the first time i had this problem with this table, the first time
> i didnt manage how to fix, but it wasnt important so i exchanged one field
> for another.. but now i need to export everything :(

> thanx for any help.

Perhaps you could answer the questions from the first post ;)

Which version of PHP?
Any other libraries ( like ADOdb )?
What is the CODE you use to step through the results?

I am sure this is nothing to do with what Firebird is returning, but
rather how you are using the results. :)

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