Subject Re: [firebird-support] I/O error for file
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:02 AM 10/12/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>I get error
>I/O error for file c:\mydb.fdb
>Error while trying to open file
>the process cannot access the file because it isbeing used by another

It sounds like you are using the embedded client/server as your webserver's
client interface. If that client is connected to a database, then that
client (or, rather, its embedded server) has an exclusive lock on the
database file and no other server instance can connect to that
database. Conversely, if other clients are connected to the database, the
embedded client will not be able to connect, because it must be able to get
an exclusive lock.

>I have a firebird database, and an application written in Borland C++
>builder. And to give pocket PCs access to database I wrote a web service
>in C#. If I run the db application, the webservice cannot access
>database, If I run the webservice first the database application gives
>this error. If I run two clients (two instances of the database
>application that is written in borland c++ builder.) there is no error.
>Is there a solution that the application and webservice can access the
>database at the same time.

Use Classic server and have all clients and the webserver use fbclient.dll,
not fbembed.dll. Note that you will have to pay attention to the access
string: remote clients can't connect to the server through the local path
in any event; but, with Windows Classic, even local clients must use a
network protocol to connect to the server.