Subject Re: FireBird with VB
Author Adam
--- In, "Dilish" <dilish_tv@y...> wrote:
> Hi All,
> While connecting FireBird with VB using ODBC driver (downloaded from
> FB site) Taking lot of time to execute even a simple query.
> It seems Access is faster than FB while connecting VB
> Is it true?
> Or is there is any third party drivers to Connect to FB from VB,
> Which will help in this situation?
> Pls help
> Thanks in Advance
> Dilish


What is an example "simple query" that is speedy in Access and slow in
FB? Is this query slow in iSQL too?


1. MGA nature of FB slows down some queries (especially select count)
2. The FB optimiser is making a bad choice
3. The interface is slowing the performance.

1 and 2 require knowledge about a query.