Subject Re: [firebird-support] FireBird with VB
Author Elmar Haneke
> While connecting FireBird with VB using ODBC driver (downloaded from
> FB site) Taking lot of time to execute even a simple query.
> It seems Access is faster than FB while connecting VB
> Is it true?
> Or is there is any third party drivers to Connect to FB from VB,
> Which will help in this situation?

ODBC is rather slow - some years ago i did compare for an
Delphi-Application accessing MDB files by ODBY and by DAO, using DAO
was significantly faster.

ADO/OLEDB seems to have poor performance too. But there are
significant differences in the OLEDB drivers available.

The best performance in combination VB/FB is to write an DLL driver to
interface the FB-API efficiently. This is much more performant than
using OLEDB.