Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB and Unicode
Author Jonathan Neve
Hi Hussian,

Hussain KH wrote:

>I have developed a database of books (Bibliographic db) using MS Access in
>Malayalam (My mother tongue, an Indic language). Since Malaylam is embedded
>in Widows XP (SP2) all MS Office programs are capable of handling Malayalam
>OTF fonts. The Book database in Access is functioning well with Malayalam
>Then I heard about the Firebird, downloaded and installed it successfully.
>Using IBeasy+ I designed a test database with two fields (Author and Title)
>which are Character and Unicode_FSS.
>Data entry using English language is OK and records are created. But when
>I'm attempting to enter the data after switching over to Malayalam only
>?????? are entered instead of Malayalam script.
>I'm using windows XP with Service Pack2. I have installed Firebird
>Is Firebird Unicode Compliant? What should I do to configure my database in
>order to enter and later process data using Malayalam (or any other Indic
Yes, FireBird supports Unicode. Your problem probably comes from the
program you're using to display the data (i.e. IBEasy) rather than from
FireBird itself.

I suppose you're developping an application that displays and
manipulates the information in the database? If so, what environment are
you using. If by any chance you're using Delphi, I would recommend you
have a look at Tnt Unicode controls, which I have had a lot of success
with. I can't give you advice for other enviroments though.

Best regards,
Jonathan Neve
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