Subject Re: [firebird-support] Running NBackup
Author Daniel Rail

At December 9, 2005, 5:50 AM, Ivan Prenosil wrote:

>>> Since the new backup utility NBackup.exe needs direct access to
>> database
>>> file,
>>> and thus must be run on the server, what tool would you recommend
>>> to run it remotely from client PC (Windows) ?
>>> (Either separate program, but preferably accessible from Delphi
>>> application)
>> What are you looking to do?
>> The original idea behind NBackup did not expect that remote access would
>> be required.
>> NBackup was designed to perform backup at hardware speeds, as such
>> running it remotely wasn't viewed as necessary.

> I do not want to run NBackup on client. I do want to run it on server,
> but how can I easily/safely invoke it from client PC/client application ?
> (Definitely not by connecting to remote desktop.)

Maybe creating a server that executes NBackup. The client would simply
accept the same parameters as NBackup, plus a few parameters of your
choice(i.e.: the server name). And, it would be your choice if you
want the client to wait until NBackup actually finishes or the client
immediately disconnects from the server(this could also be a parameter
to a command line). It's essentially the same as having a front-end to
NBackup(either GUI or a command-line utility that can run NBackup
remotely). Probably with Vulcan's new architecture, it would be
possible to have NBackup as a service provider accessible via the

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