Subject Re: reporting with FireBird
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
lysander_fb wrote:

>--- In, Alexandre Benson Smith
><iblist@t...> wrote:
>>I will be more than happy to know this limitation goes away (of course,
>>IF one day I upgrade to new version :-) )
>Just to make sure, I did a small test right now.
>Stored Procedure "GetFrom44_01" (delivers all offers for one client)
>Table "D3044003" (Details of Orders)
>Joining into 1:n-connection
>Works like a charm using the visual query designer, or the script-editor.
>With visual designer, the (automatically built) syntax looks like this
>(for client '2164'):
> SELECT D3044003.P3044_013Z, D3044003.P3044_014Z, D3044003.P3044_040Z,
> FROM D3044003 D3044003
>In the script editor you can, of course, put your own syntax.
>My (for this example '2164') looks like this:
> GetFrom44_01.OP44_001Z,
> D3044003.P3044_013Z,
> D3044003.P3044_014Z,
> D3044003.P3044_040Z
> GetFrom44_01('2164')
> D3044003
> on GetFrom44_01.OP44_001Z = D3044003.P3044_001Z
>regards from Germany,

Can't reply to the address I got in your e-mail, so I will respond it to
the list again.

Thank you for you response and time to test it.

I have rechecked on CR 7.

In visual query designer I got:
Invalid File Link, SQL Stored Procedure cannot be linked

Using the query editor appears ot work, I have to re-check this. I have
some assumptions about Crystal that could be out-dated, the IBPhoenix
driver was unabled to run SP's on Crystal, I have a talk to Vladmir (the
guy who develops the driver) and he fixed it.

Time to look at it again.

Don't know how you could join a SP to a table using inner join, there is
a known bug/limitation that when joinning with SP's one should use outer
joins (to force the stream order)

I will report back to tell what happened.

By the way... Are you German ? André is a typcal Brazilian name.

see you !

Alexandre Benson Smith
THOR Software e Comercial Ltda
Santo Andre - Sao Paulo - Brazil