Subject Re: [firebird-support] Stored procedure on database start
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:14 PM 8/12/2005 +0200, Doru Constantin wrote:

>The (adapated) question is:
>Is there any way to have a "trigger" on datatabase level as reaction to
>the user action.
>Something like
> {BEFORE | AFTER} <multiple_action>
> [POSITION number]
> AS trigger_body
> <multiple_action> ::= <single_action> [OR <single_action> [OR
> <single_action> ::= {CONNECT | DISCONNECT}
>to determines type of operation being executed.

No, it's not supported. If it were, then a SP could be invoked by the
trigger. Firebird triggers are confined to DML actions on
table.current-row, anyway; but it's still a bit of a stretch of the
imagination for a database to DO something before a connect.

Did you hijack this thread or do you post to this list under two identities?

^ heLen