Subject Re: Is there a way to speed up gbak
Author Adam
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> Hi all
> I am using gbak to do backups (Firebird- The page size of
> the database was set to 8k originally. After backing up a view hundred-
> thousand rows gbak slows down significantly. Is there any way to
> prevent this slowdown or make it less severe?
> Thanks in Advance
> William

Could be a couple of things. Post the exact parameters you are sending
off to gbak. If it is not a 24/7 operation, you can always shutdown
the service, rename the file, then make a file system copy of it and
rename it back. Service Manager can backup faster than a simple TCP
loopback, so you can give that a try. Also try without garbage
collection (-g) and see if that improves things. If so, you actually
have a new problem. Why so much garbage has accumulated.