Subject Re: Firebird use of computer resources
Author Svein Erling Tysvær

You haven't told us enough for us to determine the cause of your
problem. We don't know which version or flavour of Firebird you are
using, nor how you are using Firebird.

I don't think your server has collapsed, just that it is executing
something that is time consuming. Unfortunately, a couple of such time
consuming queries may make everybody else suffer. Configuration
settings are not likely to help you much, that is changing from
superserver to classic server may make the time consuming connections
slower and the less time consuming connections faster.

Tables and indexes in the database should be (carefully) planned to
make it easier for Firebird to choose the best possible plan for your
queries. I think queries are the most likely cause for your slowdown,
it is not too difficult to ask Firebird a question that requires some
serious processing - e.g. if you have tables with millions of records,
doing select count(*) without a where clause should be used with care
(due to Firebirds multigenerational architecture, every record - and
possibly several versions of each record - has to be inspected). Run
each of your queries and see if anyone in particular is demanding. If
you find the query, but not the cause, we may be able to help on this

There are other things that could make things slow as well - you may
have indexes that are not selective and a huge gap between the oldest
active transaction and the next transaction. We just need more
specific information if you want more help.


--- In, "ElFiscal1" wrote:
> Hi I'am a programmer and actually I'am passing some of my database
> proyects to firebird, I'm using from test a SuSe 9 server that runs
> in a Machine with 512 RAM memory and a 4.2 Intel pentium IV
> processor and a 20 GB partition disk only for the database file,
> when I pass my data to firebird database and then open several
> conections (I'm using Delphi for Clients aplications) with diferents
> operations the service uses almost all CPU time and when it takes
> 99.9 percent firebird stop responding and finaly my clients stop
> working its really strange that only a few transactions in a few
> time can colapse a server in this way can you tel me if is any
> mistake in configuration