Subject Re: System and maintenance requirements
Author Adam
--- In, Milan Babuskov <albis@e...>
> Adam,
> Adam wrote:
> > Firebird has a connection limit of somewhere around 1000 simultaneous
> > connections.
> Are you sure about this? AFAIK, 1024 connections (or whatever) is limit
> of (some) operating systems, not the Firebird itself.

No I am not sure about where the limitation lies, but I am not aware
of anyone who has achieved more database connections than this. That
is, > 1024 connections, not a connection pool serving 10000 users
(which is very different). It may well be an OS thing, but I also know
that it is a theoretical limit, and some people have experienced
issues in the 900's.

But in this particular case, you have a small database with
potentially thousands of simultaneous requests running the same query.
IMO you would be crazy not to at least investigate connection pooling.