Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: reporting with FireBird
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
lysander_fb wrote:

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>>My customers will
>>need to buy the Crystal too. Looks to me a very stupid idea from
>>Business Objects. BO is just shooting it's feet.
>Wrong Info!
>BO just changed the way you have to implement the objects in your
>application. This was from 8.5 to 9.x
>Before you could create an .exe... but... Boy this was so full of
>possible traps, while the active-x viewer was a firm candidate for
>causing memory-leaks.
That was told to me by the BO Sales Representative here in Brazil :-/

I don't use an .exe I use the VCL component that wraps calls to crpe32.dll.

>Today you can - for example - let your application create an instance
>to the CR runtime (which can be distributed for free!). Then your
>application will create a report-object. If you wish to actually "see"
>your report in your application forms, you just have to create an
>instance of the viewer-object.
>Saw less and less memory leaks from 9.0.x until 9.2 and practically
>none since 10.x.
>Works fast and reliable and with high flexibility for the developer.
I understood and ask more than once to be sure, and complainned a lot to
the salesman that now I don't have more the roght to distribute the
Crystal Run-time (aka crpe32.dll and the others)

Will ask BO again.

see you !

Alexandre Benson Smith
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