Subject Re: reporting with FireBird
Author Dan Mallon
> Did anyone work with any reporting products with FIreBird, for
> example
> Crystal Report, Active Report?
> I am wondering if I can use a stored procedure or view as the
> datasource to design a report.
> I know the worst case is I have to retrieve data by code and assign
> to
> each report fields at runtime.

I asked a similar question a couple of weeks ago, though, I wasn't
looking to use Crystal. I found a product called ReportMaker (495
euros per development license) by a company named Synactis
( I'm going to purchase it in about five minutes.
It's supposed to handle pulling data from tables, views, or stored

I was quite pleased with the quick test I did pulling data from tables.
I have not tested it extensively, so I'm certainly not an expert (nor
am I a firebird expert). However, they have a connection service to IB
type databases that required no configuration on my part. When I
distribute the reports, I need to distribute (or have the clients
purchase) something called ReportRetoucher (55 euros per license).


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