Subject Re: Error with simple statement
Author markd_mms
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>

> First guess is that whatever you used to create the database is still
> connected to the database. In embedded, that means that application
> (whatever it is) has the exclusive database lock. If you come along
> some other application and try to connect the database from another
> you can't.

I'm using EMS FB manager to create the database and then alter it
straight away. There are other embedded BD's that I can connect to and
change in the same fashion so I don't know if that will be the problem.

> If that's the correct guess then you've got another problem. The
> application that you are trying to do this from is coming in via a
> library somewhere else in the system path, most likely
> in %sysdir%\system32, and the full server, and that client and full
> are not but something older - InterBase? Firebird 1.0.x?
- hence
> the muddled messages.

Checked all the fbclient.dll's lying around and they're all
and there is no fbclient.dll in the system32 folder or any other
folder in the path.

> Anyway, more info would help. For example, if you're testing some code
> through an IDE (like Delphi, for example) then you're going to bump
> the problem of the exclusive lock all along the line if you are
trying to
> *develop* with the ES as the client and server. Basically, the IDE
> the lock and so your running app can't get it. Develop your app
with the
> full server and deploy it with embedded.

I haven't even got that far yet. Anyway I don't think it will be a
problem of something else being connected because if it were the case
then I wouldn't be able to make another connection. As it is atm I can
connect, I just can't run this statement.

I'll delete the database and try again.