Subject RE: [firebird-support] unknown cursor error
Author Alan McDonald
> >without seeing how you've declared your cursor how would anyone know?
> >I'd say it's a bug in your code. Let's see more about cT1.
> Alan,
> One doesn't declare the cursor for this syntax. The instantiation of the
> read cursor was correct in the supplied source code, i.e. "
> cursor cT1".

I didn't see the source when I replied. I was too quick with the select and
delete keys :-)

> Cursor operations can read non-updatable sets but write operations are
> impossible on such sets because WHERE CURRENT OF uses the rdb$db_key to
> match the current output row to a row in the supplying table. As you
> probably know, the rdb$db_key of a joined output row doesn't have an
> underlying table to match up to...
> ./heLen