Subject Re: System and maintenance requirements
Author Adam
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> I am considering firebird for an application that I will developing
> for a large corporation.
> What are the optimum system requirements for the server?
> What king of maintenance is required? This is important when I quote
> a support/maintenance agreement.

You will need precisely 32MB RAM and a 8GB HD.

Seriously, you have not provided anywhere near the information
required to gauge any sort of idea at what would be required.

Start by telling us things like:

The number of tables
The records per table
The nature of information collected
Expected average and peak connection count
Basic Architecture
Acceptable performance expectations
Rate of growth of data

Firebird can run on a system with 32MB of RAM running Windows 95. It
is highly recommended you don't though.

The disk footprint of the engine is under 5MB, and the amount of RAM
used varies depending on lots of factors. To give some idea, I have a
dual Xeon 1.6 GHz server with 2GB RAM and a RAID 5 15KRPM running
win2003 server (not as exciting specs now as when it was bought),
which currently hosts the databases for about 10 customers the largest
(on that server) has about 600 staff. Then again, the nature of our
product means that the system is used by key users and other staff
have only a couple of limited interactions with it each day.

So start with a system that is capable of running a real OS like
(insert prefered distro) linux or win2000/2003 server. Anything that
can run these Operating Systems reasonably will quite easily handle

In general, the fastest drives with lots of RAM to play with and a
fast CPU or two will perform better than an old laptop running on

Maintenance is quite limited. If you run a nightly backup, then this
will take care of sweeping for you. The occasional backup then restore
cycle (annually if that) is beneficial but unless you start running
out of transaction IDs then it wont be necessary.