Subject Re: [firebird-support] problem converting database to unicode_fss
Author Milan Babuskov
triathlon98bis wrote:
> For consistency (and to avoid transliteration errors) I need to
> convert a few databases from charset none to unicode_fss.
> I tried using some data pumping tools to do this (specifically ibpump
> and fbcopy) but both give me errors (ibpump has problems with circular
> dependencies in the data structure (even when told to disragard these
> constraints), fbcopy give an error message "XSDA:SetValue incompatible
> types".

You should be able to do it with FBCopy. I just tried with version 1.11
and it seems to work. Perhaps I could help you, if you could provide
more info.

Did you create new database using .sql script? What character set did
you set for database and what for columns? FBCopy automatically reads
the charset of database and uses it to connect, but you can set you own
explicitly, by adding ?charset_name to connection string. Perhaps you
could try something like this:

fbcopy se source.fdb?NONE destination.fdb?NONE

It would connect to destination using NONE as character set, so it is
left for Firebird to do the conversion. It should work.

Feel free to contact me directly about further issues with FBCopy.

Milan Babuskov